12 Sign Printing Services Offered at NLD Graphics

NLD Graphics and Printing is a Huntington Beach-based company that provides graphic design, printing and sign printing in Huntington Beach

NLD Graphics and Printing serves cities in the neighboring Orange County, such as Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Irvine. We also ship nationwide within the US. Sign Printing in Huntington Beach at it’s Best!

 Since 1997… Wow that’s amazing, we have fully dedicated ourselves to making our clients’ brand visible by providing quality signage printing solutions. We offer a wide variety of signage printing services, ranging from printing custom banners, quality stands & displays, retail window graphics, personalized vehicle lettering, car wraps, social media artwork, printing feather flags, etc. Here are some of the sign printing in Huntington Beach services we offer at our Huntington Beach headquarters:


1. Vinyl Banners

Adhesive vinyl banners are an effective way to convey your message to your customers. Vinyl banners can be placed on doors, walls, and glass and are a great tool to help a business stand out compared to its competitors. Adhesive vinyl banners are ideal for retail stores. We provide front-side printing for 3.4 mil PVC material that has removable adhesive at the back. UV printing makes the banners last long and suitable for indoor and outdoor use as the banners are waterproof and UV protected.

NLD graphics banners vinyl 01
Outdoor vinyl banner

2. Retractable Banners

Retractable banners help you stand out in trade shows and expos. Pulling out and retracting into an aluminum housing using a mechanical spring helps reduce their size for portability purposes. We offer UV printing services on water-resistant boards that make retractable banners ideal for long-term indoor and outdoor use.

Banner Stands
Retractable Banner with Stand

3. Retail Window Graphics

Retail window graphics can be done using one-way perforated vinyl or etched vinyl. These graphics help turn a retail store’s windows into a billboard, which is important for branding and company identity. Using vinyl on your windows helps transform your company image into an attractive storefront logo. The perforated vinyl offers full window advertising, acts as a privacy shield while allowing anyone in the building to look out, and blocks UV rays. It is perfect for commercial spaces, retails stores, conference rooms, buses, trucks, etc. Etched vinyl allows you to maintain the look of the glass while creating professional branding on them.

sign printing
NLD Graphics retail window print

4. Posters

Need help printing posters? We’ve got you covered. NLD Graphics helps clients print various types of posters depending on the text and graphical elements requirements. Posters can be printed as paper posts, on PVS matte, polypropylene banners, and as backlit film posters. Paper posters are printed on 10 mil cards or white papers depending on the client’s needs. Text, photos, artwork, and signs can be incorporated into paper posters and be printed in photo gloss or matte modes and are not waterproof. PVC Matte printing involved the use of durable 10 mil double-sided lightweight plastic.

On the other hand, Polypropylene printing uses inexpensive 8 mil non-tearable plastic to provide low-cost printing solutions. Backlit posters use high-quality 10 mil translucent film that allows for high-resolution displays. Able to provide 24-hour visibility, backlit posters are perfect for airport signs, bus stops, light boxes, menu displays, movie theatre boxes, backlit window presentations, and exhibits.

5. Window Clings

Window clings are printed high-quality non-adhesive material that uses static electricity, unlike adhesive vinyl. Customizable to different shapes and sizes, window clings can be an effective advertising method. The easy to install window clings can be used on shop, restaurant, boutique, office, salon, and spa windows. Window clings consist of an inkjet receptive coating made of polyester film on one side and a removable low tac vinyl on the backside. Clings offer a good temporary indoor and outdoor signage solution thanks to its easy removal, superior tack, and over one-year durability. It uses tough and abrasion-resistant 6 or 8 mil repositionable vinyl, making it ideal for sticking to the front or back of a window. Sign printing in Huntington Beach! 

6. Floor Graphics

We provide floor graphics solutions for different floor types such as tile, wood, carpet, concrete, and laminate. Printed on high tack removable vinyl with anti-slip features, floor graphics can serve informational and promotional services in areas experiencing high foot traffic, such as banking halls, schools, hospitals, museums, retail and grocery stores. At NLD Graphics, we’ll help you design and custom print ultra-durable, scuff resistant, and hard-wearing floor graphics. Our non-slip vinyl is laminated and can withstand 6-12 months of foot traffic in indoor or outdoor environments. Graphics are available in several custom shapes; circles, rectangles, pentagons, squares, etc. Sign printing in Huntington Beach

Sign Printing in Huntington Beach
floor graphic printed sessions west coast deli

7. Car Wraps and Graphics

Car wraps and graphics are an effective way of transit advertising. It allows businesses to use attractive adhesive vinyl to reach more customers at a significantly lower CPI (cost per impression) that many forms of advertising. Through innovative and creative use of car wrap graphics, NLD Graphics allows our clients to promote the products or services offered by their businesses on the go. It can also feature reflective and glow in the dark vinyl types. Car wraps are perfect for cars, food trucks, trucks, trailers, buses, etc.  Sign printing in Huntington Beach.

car wraps huntington beach
NLD graphics vehicle wraps and lettering

8. Vehicle Lettering

We offer printing services for custom cut, self-adhesive vinyl lettering using 2 mil adhesive vinyl. This is great for motorbikes, motorhomes, trucks, bicycles, caravans, lorries, jet skis, and boats. Full customized, vinyl cut lettering does not damage a vehicle’s body or windows. Vinyl cut vehicle lettering gives your vehicle a premium look allowing you to advertise on the move. It is easy to install as it comes pre-spaced on a wax liner. Vinyl lettering can be printed in any color as needed.  Sign printing in Huntington Beach.

9. Canopy Tents

Canopy tents are gazebo-like polyester shelters that can collapse down to a small size for portability reasons. Using scratch and weather-resistant dye-sublimation graphics, NLD Graphics will help create an attractive outdoor display for your business. We provide high resolution full-color digital printing for various types of canopy tents such as a top with sidewalls, top only, top with the full back wall, etc. Sign printing in Huntington Beach

trade show displays
Trade Show Displays

10. Table Throws

Table-toppers a sleek, eye-catching, and professional way of representing your company in any public presentation such as an exhibition or a trade show. At NLD Graphics, we print high-quality and cost-effective table cloths in three options: standard, fitted, and stretch table covers. Using dye sublimation to digital print high-resolution 720X720 graphics on 8.8 oz. polyester table fabric produces a 100% washable and scratch-resistant table cloth to drape your tables during events. Sign printing in Huntington Beach

11.Feather Flags

Feather flags, along with other flags such as the teardrop, Econo feather, giant, custom pole, rectangle, convex, are an effective way of advertising your brand in indoor or outdoor settings. Flags are cheap, simple to assemble, and effective. NLD Graphics produces highly customizable feather flags that are attractive, durable, and versatile. To add value to your business, our feather flags are printed using high resolution on 4 oz. polyester flag fabric using the dye sublimation technique. The product is a washable flag that is also scratch-resistant. Also, unlike traditional flags, which tend to fold in the winds, feather flags do not fold, ensuring that your message is visible at all times, especially in outdoor settings. Sign printing in Huntington Beach

NLD graphics flags feather 03
Feather Flag Printing

12. Trade Show Displays

We provide quality printing services for a range of trade show display materials such as the Velcro fabric pop up display, the tension fabric backdrop, lightbox displays, podium display graphics, and tabletop displays. These materials are geared towards providing branding at events such as trade shows. The high-quality printing allows you to pass your message to your target audience in marketing events. Sign printing in Huntington Beach

As our esteemed client, all you need to do is name your signage needs and leave the rest to us. We’ll work to make sure we turn your needs into a reality. 

NLD Graphics and Printing remains open and committed to supporting our clients during this challenging time. We’ve expanded our contact hours to 7 am – 9 pm seven days a week. Should you have any questions about the services we offer or you are not sure if we provide a particular printing service, feel free to call us via telephone number: +1 (714) 375-1221 or reach us via email: info@nldgraphics.comWe’re located on the second floor, suite #39, 17610 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Sign printing in Huntington Beach