Outdoor Printed Vinyl Banners printing Huntington Beach

Outdoor Printed Vinyl Banners

The perfect way to advertise your business, event or promotion, outdoor printed vinyl banners.

Outdoor printed vinyl Banners printing is amongst the best forms of advertising for presentations, conferences, events or retail. You can easily move and re-position your banner from the stand and rolling or have your banners produced with grommets to attach to a wall or barricade.

Banners can be used internally to welcome guests or to promote a new product or service for regular customers. They can be hung as the backdrop for an event or special photo call, or to announce safety information and project completion dates for construction or development work taking place on your sites. Durable, eye-catching and easy to transport and attach to most surfaces. We also use a strong 13 oz vinyl material and a flat finish, printed to the highest quality.

At NLD Graphics and Printing we offer banners with and without stands to meet all your advertising needs. Produced in high quality vinyl or dye sublimated fabric in the shortest possible time.

Banner Materials




Fabric 9oz.

Wrinkle Free

Tension Fabric

Outdoor Printed Vinyl Banners


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are vinyl banners durable?

A: Yes Vinyl banners are long lasting and durable.


Q: Are vinyl banners recyclable?

A: No.


Q: Is vinyl or fabric banner better?

A: Outdoor Printed Vinyl Banners are more durable IF it will be used outdoors AND you roll it up correctly when stored or transporting it. Fabric banners are more durable IF you plan on using it over and over again in short term events indoors AND it is properly cared for when transporting.