Label and Sticker Printing in Huntington Beach

What are the differences between label and sticker printing

Roll labels and sticker printing have become ever so popular, such industries as CBD, medical marijuana, beauty industry, bottled sauces, shampoo bottles, hand sanitizers… they all demand high quality labels and at NLD Graphics and Printing we deliver.  Our company offers a variety of custom printed vinyl stickers, die-cut stickers and adhesive bottle roll labels.

Options depending on your needs, for outdoors, vinyl is a perfect option to with stand weather conditions and moisture. In some cases mylar labels are preferred for high temperature uses such as water heaters or vacuums. Label stock is ideal for boxes or promotional items, they come in coated and non coated litho. We also offer full color roll labels laminated on white or Silver Polypropylene to give that foil look.  Both stocks printed on our digital machine.  Contact us today! Roll label and sticker printing Experts!

  • Litho
  • Vinyl
  • White Polypropylene
  • Silver Polypropylene
  • Die Cut
  • PMS Ink
  • Laminated
  • Weather proof
  • Spot UV
  • On a Roll

In 2021 we have expanded our capabilities adding various coatings and options. For starters we now offer matte, gloss and the new soft touch lamination. Digital foil has made an appearance with the standard gold, silver, bronze plus holographic patterns, a must see. The label of your product is going to be the do or don’t for whether a customer pulls the trigger and gives it a second glance. It’s hard to catch the eye of a consumer in a world full of millions of products and options. That’s where we can come in at NLD Graphics and Printing

We understand from the management side it can be stressful. Putting labels and other prints directly on the product can be expensive which is why at NLD we will throw you an alternative. At NLD we have a variety of products that range from stickers and roll labels to printed adhesive vinyl for any occasion whether you are an individual customer or a business owner.  

Your first thought might be, “stickers are going to get ruined”. This is a normal thought especially if you are in the beauty industry selling face washes, shampoos, and conditioners. These products will get wet from being in the shower. We’ve thought of that which is why our weatherproof stickers will not only hold up in wet conditions but also look great with either our custom illustrations and designs or simply using yours! 

Weatherproof stickers and labels aren’t just limited to the beauty industry either. Outdoor products that need to resist not only rain but wind, snow, and debris, are all taken into consideration with our heavy duty and high quality printed stickers. 

There’s no limitation to what business we will cater to as all of our products can come in a customizable variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re in the CBD business and need to sell lotions, concentrated oils, or other products we can create those labels for you. There’s nothing more important to a customer than being able to read the fine print and ingredients on a small bottle label, which is why you can trust us to make a clear and readable sticker for you. Roll label and sticker printing!

You may be a teacher that needs die-cut stickers to reward students as they earn them. Our die cuts offer an easy to remove backing that fits the shape of the sticker perfectly. But you don’t have to have a certain profession to use our fast turnaround services. You may just want to send a snazzy holiday box with specific sticker instead of the plain jane ones at the post office. Our Litho stock services will take your gift boxes to the next level with a beautiful laminate finish. 

At the end of the day, we understand how important printing and labeling is. It doesn’t matter if you are making custom invitations to a wedding or you are a business owner in need of many for sunscreen bottles, beverages, etc. because we’ve got you. By choosing our local business in Huntington Beach you will choose to have a relationship with us where we can answer your questions and concerns till the very end to ensure you the customer satisfaction above all is important. Roll label and sticker printing Experts! We hope to see you soon!