Stickers can be an incredible tool for your business. Whether it’s to spread the word about your product or service, or to give customers something to remember you by, we print amazing stickers for any type of business.

In today’s post, we’re going to list a few ways stickers can be used.

Labels for your brand. If you have a product, you’ll need an awesome label that will grab your customers’ attention. A sticker can be great because it can be cut to fit and accentuate your product. Sticker labels can perfect for anything— beverage bottles, skateboards, and so much more. 

Endorsement badges. Let your customers, friends, and family be your ambassadors with the help of your stickers. A sticker will expand your brand’s reach because your ambassadors will place the sticker on their favorite items: water bottles, backpacks, laptops, etc. With each purchase, include a free sticker. Something as simple as this can really help your business gain traction in your market. 

Flair for your shipping. Do you own an ecommerce store? Adding a sticker on the exterior of your shipping boxes really helps to brand your product, and it creates a more memorable “box opening” experience for the customer. 
From storefronts to ecommerce brands, stickers can be useful in business. NLD Graphics specializes in printing stickers with a variety of materials, including label stock, vinyl, white ploy, and silver ploy. Contact us to learn more.