Every Door Direct Mail

5 Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) 

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that promotes small businesses in their local communities. Through EDDM, small businesses that do not have mailing lists to market themselves to every door of the neighborhood. Using the Every Door Direct Mail program, local-based SMEs can easily reach their target customers by using carrier routes in a specific area to deliver printed ad materials. This targeted advertising technique allows small scale businesses to market themselves without exceeding their budgetary plans as EDDM is provided at an affordable postal rate. Although ad materials in the program must meet the EDDM postcard size requirements, businesses using Every Door Direct Mail routes can get numerous benefits

Here’s what you need to know about how EDDM works, its key features, benefits, and effectiveness as a direct mail marketing strategy.

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

How Does EDDM Work?

Through Every Door Direct Mail, small businesses can concentrate on producing marketing content while the postal services handle the distribution and delivery. EDDM eliminates the time, cost, and effort businesses would have spent prospects and their respective addresses. Instead, EDDM lets SMEs use that saved time and money to improve on their sales, marketing campaigns, and customer service. The USPS’s competitive prices for EDDM printing give a good return on investment (ROI) to small businesses.

By using the delivery route information that the U.S. Postal Service provides in the Evert Door Direct Mail program, SMEs can target and reach customers in specific routes key to their businesses. That way, businesses do not have to print address specific marketing material on postcards for EDDM distribution.  Small to medium-sized enterprises like landscapers, carpet cleaners, auto repair shops, chiropractors, spas, and salons can reap benefits by implementing the Every Door Direct Mail advertising strategy.

Every Door Direct Mail
Every Door Direct Mail

Key Features of Every Door Direct Mail

Below is are the key features of Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM that can help entrepreneurs build businesses and gain leads.: 

Customer targetting: Through EDDM, a business can target customers within its locality in its marketing campaigns. The program also increases the delivery rate of marketing content as the mailing is delivered straight to the prospects.

Value for your money: EDDM offers competitive prices with a $0.178 cost per piece not exceeding the 3.3 oz weight. The EDDM marketing strategy also allows businesses to include menus, event calendars, coupons, store maps, and other promotional material to attract customers to their premises.

Flexibility: Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM provides a choice of bundling options to suit the needs of different types and sizes of businesses. Every Door Direct Mail is also ideal for various marketing content ranging from a brief sales announcement to detailed product reviews.

Every Door Direct Mail

What are the Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

1.   Local Area Marketing

EDDM focuses on marketing a business within its neighborhood and does not require a mailing list.  In other cases, companies would be required to purchase a mailing list that contains the addresses and contact information of customers in the locality. On its part, EDDM works through the mail carrier, which delivers the marketing content to every household along a specific mailing route. This operation method eliminates the need for customer’s addresses.

Every Door Direct Mail allows small businesses to focus on designing and creating their advertising material while the USPS efficiently distributes the material to the entire neighborhood and into the hands of consumers. SMEs only have to identify the carrier routes they want to target, create a date to take the material to the post office, and the postal service will do the deliveries.

2.   No Postal Limits

For mailings under the 5,000 thresholds, businesses are not required to purchase a postal permit. USPS gives businesses an EDDM permit that is added to their direct mail marketing materials. The permit ensures that Every Door Direct Mail orEDDM postcards are mailed separately from the mass mailings, saving on both time and cost. 

3.   Discount Offers

Businesses using EDDM direct mail marketing campaigns can give discounts directly to their customers. Enticing discounts play a vital role in building customer loyalty and attracting new customers.  Using discount offers, local businesses such as shoe stores or salons can provide coupon incentives to customers encouraging them to visit the business store again to redeem their coupon codes. Discount offers encourage customers to buy products they might not otherwise have considered they need. Through the use of EDDM marketing materials such as product reviews, a business can arouse a customer’s need to purchase an item based on the appeal created by its benefits listed in the ad campaign.

4.   Cost-Effective

For small businesses operating on tight budgets, EDDM marketing is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods in their neighborhoods. SMEs only need to design colorful, eye-catching marketing postcards and print them. Through EDDM, businesses can distribute batches of marketing materials at low postage rates. The success of the marketing campaigns can be tracked and adjustments to quality and quantity as deemed necessary.

By advertising in their locality, businesses can cut down on costs associated with long-distance mailing.

5.   Ease of Targeting and Set-Up

It is easy to create a highly targeted EDDM marketing campaign as the campaigns focus on specific geographic areas. Campaigns concentrate on customers with the highest probability of buying, as evidenced in the customers’ purchasing history. Also, setting up an EDDM campaign takes only a few steps. Businesses only have to design and print their marketing postcards, place them in bundles with a facing slip, and deliver the bundles to the post office alongside their payment. The U.S. Postal Service does the rest of the delivery work.  

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