We did it again… WOW!!! Custom illustrations for SuchaPunks!

Toy Barns latest custom illustrations created from our team at NLD Graphics and Printing

When theJack Mann from the Toy Barn reached out to our team of talented illustrators and graphic designers to create their latest line of plush doll characters, we were more than thrilled to take on the challenge. The new character concept is called “SuchaPunks”, what a great name! From Schmell, Such Pig, Shine, and Scuri, these adorable characters will soon come to life. From our final mock-ups, the artwork was sent over seas to produce the actual plush dolls which are now sold nationwide, talk about exciting!

Why choose NLD Graphics and Printing over the many other companies closer to their home office in Ventura you might ask. For over 20 years we have been providing cutting-edge illustrations in Huntington Beach and have been recognized in Orange County as the leading design studio. When you need a company that is dependable and produces quality artwork in a timely fashion then the choice is clear.

What is custom illustrations?

Our creative drawings play a vital role in branding, storytelling, and marketing through decoration, interpretation, or visual explanation of a text, concept, or process. They are visuals that add elegance, a custom feel, and a personalized touch. Branded logos are a powerful communication mechanisms that create a profound, long-term impact on the human mind. By creating custom sketches, a unique design is created that helps prospective customers automatically recognize and associate with your company’s identity. Here, we look at what illustrations are and their uses.


Different types of custom illustrations differ depending on the style and technique used. Broadly, they can be classified either as traditional or modern. Traditional Sketches refer to hand drawn or made mainly by hand. On the other hand, modern designs are a result of using digital artists such as adobe CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc.

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