9 Professional Business Card Printing in Huntington Beach.

Why choose our company to print your next order of business cards? The answer is simple, we have built a reputation for the last 24 years of providing quality printing in a timely matter putting customer service #1. Simply the best at what we do in orange county!

Are you looking for the best pocket-friendly business card printing in Huntington Beach area, the greater Orange County or within the U.S.? At NLD Graphics and Design, we’ll help you make a strong first impression with our beautiful custom-made business cards.

Using in-house designed unique templates, NLD Graphics and Design offers a variety of business card options that can be easily customized to fit each client’s individual needs.  Our high-quality, full-color offset and digital printing help create a stunning business card that perfectly resonates with your brand.  The customizable templates give the cards a distinctive look transforming them into an extension of your company. 

At NLD Graphics, we cut across the board from low budget inexpensive cards up to premium or luxury customized business cards. We’ve got something for everyone.  We support the printing of cards of different shapes, sizes, and paper. NLD Graphics uses the latest printing technology and extensively liaise with the client to ensure we meet our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. Business card printing in Huntington Beach.

Below is a list of some of the Business card printing in Huntington Beach from NLD Graphics and Design:

1. Suede Business Cards

Black Suede Business Cards are matte laminated cards with a smooth velvet-like texture. Also known as the “soft touch” business cards, suede cards for the elite. Made of durable matte film, the suede laminate on the cards adds thickness and water resistance. 

At NLD Graphics, the printing of executive suede business cards incorporates foil stamping and spot UV in the printing process. The result is a truly unique card with a majestic and luxurious velvety feel.  Business card printing in Huntington Beach at it’s finest!

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2. Silk Business Cards

At NLD Graphics, we are thrilled to provide printing services for silk business cards, the latest and hottest carousel-item in the business cards. Also known as the silk coated or laminated cards, silk business cards are one of the most luxurious and highest-quality business card printing near me.

Silk business cards have a silky-smooth finish, which is water, scratch & tear-resistant. Both sides of silk business card are silk laminated to produce a genuinely unique smooth matte finish. It is easy to write on silk cards with pens, markers and pencils.  

Looking for an ultra-thick, high-quality business card? Our business card printing near me services will give you silk business cards that command the type of attention you want your business to receive

3. Spot UV Business Cards

Also known as the Spot Gloss, Spot UV offers an unrivaled vibrancy level in a business card design, truly is a game changer in the printing industry. The Spot UV gloss varnish elements help highlight logos, company names, contact numbers, or calls to action on a business card. Spot UV business cards are luxury class and are often printed on silk, or matte finishes with the glossy Spot UV coating only applied to selected areas of the business card. Spot UV business cards are top quality business cards that ooze with class and style. Business card printing in Huntington Beach.

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4. Foil Stamped Business Cards

Premium metallic foil stamped business cards are one of the most popular types of business cards. Our business card printing near me services apply the versatile hot foil stamping technique to produce business cards with a high-end customized look. 

Other business card types such as silk or suede can undergo the additional foil stamping process during which a silver, gold or copper foil is imprinted on one or both sides of the business card to make the card more appealing and stand out more in the way it reflects lights. Adding a silver, gold or copper foil finish to a business card can tastefully elevate the luxury appeal of any business card design.

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5. Budget or inexpensive Business Cards

Need a high-quality business card, but you are on a tight budget? Worry not! At NLD Graphics, we have just about something to fit everyone’s needs. We are dedicated to providing inexpensive business card printing that exceeds expectations. Our design team will provide clients with thousands of professional design options at affordable rates.  Our budget business cards will allow you to make a good first impression on your business associated and clients without breaking the bank.  NLD Graphics enables you to print unique yet affordable business cards. Business card printing in Huntington Beach.

6. Kraft Business Cards

For people who love the rustic and vintage look, kraft business cards are the ideal option. Printed on premium 18pt brown paper, kraft business cards are as stylish as they are eco-friendly. Made from 30% recycled paper, kraft business cards’ naturally visible fibers and flecks give the cards an organic look and feel. Printed best with minimal color, kraft cards can also be printed in full color.  Business card printing in Huntington Beach.

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7. Cotton Business Cards

Cotton business cards are available in various specialty options such as foil, deboss, painted edges, rounded edges and spot UV. Printing cotton business cards is a delicate and time-intensive exercise. The results are ultra-thick cotton business cards, which are distinct with their eye-catching look with their rough yet, fabric-like texture. Business card printing in Huntington Beach.

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8. Linen Business Cards

Linen business cards will give you that classy and sophisticated look. Linen business cards are elegant textured cards. Ideal for professionals, full-color NLD Graphics printing produces elegantly textured cards that feel exclusive. The distinctive cross-hatch woven texture on a subtle embossed linen surface gives the cards an elegant cloth textured look and feel. 

9. Thick 24pt – 48pt Business Cards

At NLD Graphics, we give our clients the flexibility of choosing the weight of their ideal business card ranging from 24pt to 48pt. The weight of the Business card printing in Huntington Beach paper plays a vital role in the quality look and feel of a card. Although slightly more costly, the 48pt paper is thicker than the 24pt and is ideal for a higher quality feel. The extra weight on the 48pt paper also makes it more durable and can withstand normal wear and tear. Business card printing in Huntington Beach that leaves your customers amazed!

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