NLD Graphics and Printing, the Best Printer in Huntington Beach

It all began back in 1996…

When Eddie Tourgeman in his mid twenties was working for Kinko’s Copies in Huntington Beach. At that point he already invested 8 years with the company and without any certainty wasn’t sure where the next chapter of his life would lead him. One afternoon an old friend from high school named Adam came into the store told Eddie of his new idea to start an all age christian night club, but before he could begin he need a logo and club flyer design.

Eddie had some background with basic Mac programs such as microsoft word but nothing with graphic design, needless to say he was up for the challenge. The first flyer design was complete and came out very nice I must say, the next step was finding a print shop that could handle 5,000 – 10,000 + club flyers within a budget and fast turnaround, Kinkos was not the place since they specialized in photo copies.

We ended up taking the artwork to a company in Buena Park who all the promoters were using at the time, I believe they went by the name Club Life. Eddie was amazed how the facility felt and looked, with a handful of extremely talented self taught graphic designers, all roughly in their 20’s as well and with a passion for art Eddie’s inspiration began.

Soon after Adam had Eddie make flyer after flyer, his passion for the arts was growing and at that point he realized that all the club flyer designers were adding their name and contact number for recognition. One night he walked into the print shop to drop off a disk to place an order for 20,000 flyers on cardstock with uv gloss coating, the employee asked what business name would you like on the invoice….hmmm, I don’t have a business nor name he thought to himself. And without much thought he blurted out, “Nightlife Designs“. Not a bad name he thought!

From that point on he was slowly getting compliments from people in the club scene and soon after the calls were coming in from other promoters to design their flyers and printed materials. The newly found business working out of his house was growing fast and it came to a point where the decision to do this full time and leave Kinko’s arrived.

Afraid of being self employed and not having a steady pay check, Eddie’s father found him and office off Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach. Nervously he signed a year contract and invested less than 10k on furniture and computers to get the office up and running, only a few months in his revenue trippled, Nightlife Designs was officially in business. The client base expanded nationwide: Concerts, film stars, clothing companies, raves, nightclubs, etc.

Eddie became one of the Elite designers in Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside County. Promoters soon caught on and his name spread through the scene… very exciting times doing something you love. 5 years went by and the business continued to grow but with success comes pain. Club promoters aren’t necessarily the most trustworthy on paying their bills.

After losing tens of thousands of dollars Eddie realized focusing on this industry is too much of a gamble and decided corporate accounts will be the future of Nightlife Designs. But wait a minute, what professional business would work with a name like that, it had to be changed but to what. We still need to keep the old name for recognition but be suddle enough to sound professional. The new abbreviated name was born and branding begun for NLD Graphics and Printing. Revised branded logo, t-shirt design, promotional flyers, business cards, direct mailers, website design, signage, everything had to be re-done.

Close to 23 years later NLD Graphics and Printing is still recognized as one of the best digital designers and commercial printers in Huntington Beach. All while keeping the same values since the beginning; dependable, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and fast turnarounds.

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