4 Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Re-opening After COVID

COVID-19 has wrecked across all industries across the world, with the hotel industry being among those that have been adversely affected. While most restaurants, cafes, and bars have been able to navigate through this tough time, not all have been so lucky, with about ten percent of businesses in the hospitality industry closing their doors permanently due to COVID.

As the containment restrictions are starting to ease across the country, restaurants, cafes, and bars are slowly re-opening their doors to the public. For the thousands of restaurants that have survived lockdown, adapting to the new normal is yet another challenge to be tackled.  With cash flow and profitability severely affected, now more than ever, business owners in the hospitality industry need adaptive, innovative, and budget-friendly restaurant re-opening marketing strategies are needed to help keep things moving.

The mandatory or cautionary bans on public gatherings and restrictions on movement affecting hotels across the board. From larger chain restaurants to family-owned restaurants and small bistros and family-owned café. Now, hospitality business owners have to adopt a wide range of proactive measures to re-open to the public and follow the strict COVID safety protocols and guidelines.   

Successfully Marketing Your Restaurant Re-Opening to the Public After COVID

Restaurant marketing during this challenging time is vital to bring much-needed business and income. Marketing strategies post-COVID shutdowns should focus on easing customers’ fears and making them comfortable knowing their favorite restaurant is abiding by the strict COVID restrictions. Successful marketing strategies will need to be 100% customer-centric and focus on the key messages people need to hear now.  

More emphasis needs to go on attracting customers’ attention to make them take notice of your restaurant. You’ll also need to assure your customers that your restaurant follows the COVID protocols and can deal with pandemic-related issues to ensure their safety. To weather the current storm and return to normal, restaurants will need a multi-faceted advertising approach that anticipates their customers’ needs, wants, and concerns.  

Here are four advertising strategies restaurants can integrate into their marketing approach to help them ramp up business, get the customers coming back and boost the bottom line:

Door Hangers

Door hangers are an effective advertising strategy as door hangers are hung directly on your target consumer doors, increasing the chance of them being noticed. Printing and using door hangers will allow restaurants to pack a serious promotional message for their potential customers.  Door hangers can also be customized to meet a restaurant’s specific marketing needs. Hang on doorknobs, door hangers let potential customers know more about the menus on offer at your restaurants, the safety measures you’ve taken to abide by the COVID regulations, etc. Hangers can be customized with a discount or a coupon to encourage prospective customers to try your restaurant.

Our customized door hangers provide a unique marketing method that will allow a restaurant to spread its message to local residents using these impossible-to-miss, budget-friendly advertising strategies.  With a glossy UV coating on one side, sharp and full-color printing, door hangers are a great tool for fast campaigning. At NLD Graphics and Design, you can choose a template or upload your own.  

Printed Menus

For a restaurant looking for new ways to attract customers, printed menus may be the answer. Restaurant menu printing focuses on the food and beverages sold at your establishment.  A well-designed printed menu can help your restaurant increase sales. Creative, high-quality, mouth-watering custom menus gives you the opportunity to showcase your signature drinks, snacks and food, ensuring the food looks as good as it tastes. 

A menu is the essence of the food industry, and making a professional custom menu to suit every taste will help drive sales. Whether it is indoor dine-in or takeout to-go menus, NLD Graphics has an option for you.  We’ll help you create a distinctly unique menu that reflects your restaurant’s cuisine and showcases the most popular dishes. For takeout and delivery, we offer disposable single-use menus. For indoor dining, we provide single page, tri-fold and long menu styles. We also offer menu accessories such as countertop menu holders, sleeves and covers to protect your menus.  We offer various paper formats and stocks such as glossy, matte, recycled, premium glossy and premium matte. Our state-of-the-art printing will allow you to include a menu with every to-go order or delivery bag. Having high-quality menus makes it easy for customers to place their orders from home.

At NLD Graphics, you can choose a template or upload your own. You can list all the options you offer along with the prices, add a logo and contact info, and use photos of dishes fresh out of the kitchen to spice things up.

Promotion Flyers

Promotion flyers are a priceless promotion tool that allows you to market your restaurant business like a pro. At NLD Graphics and Design, we’ll help you promote your restaurant business with brilliant and high-quality advertising flyers. We have a collection of customizable, professionally designed templates that you can choose from or upload your own template. 

Our custom promotion flyers allow a restaurant to reach customers anytime and anywhere. We provide double-sided, full-color printing. In addition, you can also get holders in select sizes and premium upgrades. 

Flyers will help you expand the reach and network of your restaurant. Versatile and easy to design, flyers can be used to promote your brand as mailing inserts, handouts, promotional take-aways, etc.  Marketing flyers are a definite method to reach your prospects and customers and prospects. Flyers are available in a variety of sizes, paper stocks, themes, styles and finishes. You can also add text, logos and photos and contact information.


Restaurant owners can diversify their advertising strategies by using different signs such as windows and banners to communicate their message. You can use window graphics to make a good first impression on your customers. Often overlooked, windows are a great advertising place. With high-quality, stylish graphics, it can spread the word about your restaurant re-opening to the public after COVID lockdown.  Keep the community informed and share vital information through our custom signage. Our custom, clear or opaque, window decals allow you to maximize the windows which are the most visible spaces. At NLD Graphics, our window signage uses a self-levelling film to stick to flat glass, preventing bubbling during installation. 

Our custom banners will get your message noticed by passersby, especially in busy, high-traffic places, who are more likely to stop and check out our business. We offer a variety of banners such as mesh, fabric, retractable and vinyl banners. 

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